Health And Wellness Tips:

To stay Healthy and Fit Every day With Simple Routine

Health Tips

Having a healthy day to day routine is extremely important. As we all live in a busy world it is important to take time out and do some physical activity along with healthy food to keep our body fit and toned. Having a routine allows you to remember and plan accordingly, it improves the time management and even allows to focus on important and things, in a way we can say it assists in prioritizing the day to day life.

Waking up Early in the morning:

Yes, it is true that early bird gets the worm, but most of us are so hung up over the late-night lifestyle that we barely get up early for anything, unless it is time to go to the office. So, getting up early in the morning is related to sleeping early at night. You can’t sleep at 4 am and get up at 6 am, not possible. So, plan accordingly.

Starting the morning ritual:

After waking up try to drink two cups of water with lemon and honey, it allows rehydration and even helps in constipation. Lemon juice and honey are packed with minerals and acid that aids in the rejuvenation of the body. It reduces the stress and improves the skin tone if used for a long time. And in many cases proven beneficial for the weight loss we well.

Exercising in Morning

Cardiovascular exercise in the morning will help in burning fat and will reduce the cortisol level. Such routine will allow you to get in shape and can reduce the stress level. And according to the recent study, cardiovascular in the morning can help in faster burning of fat and can improve the overall health.


A Healthy Breakfast

We cannot stress enough on the importance of a healthy breakfast. As we all must have read somewhere that lunch is one of the most important meals of the day and right to its saying it is. Having a protein rich diet in the morning gives an energetic boost to the body. Eating scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs along with a toast with peanut butter is very common. In its, place you have a power packed smoothie that contains the raw vegetables like beans along with flax seeds and unsweetened flavor that will elevate the test. And along with that take the multivitamin supplements.


Having a protein filled snack after breakfast and before lunch is desirable. As you may feel empty and instead of giving up to the cravings, plan, keep protein bars, small salad with cottage cheese, vegetable sticks or smoothing within the line will help in filling the stomach. Eating multiple times, a day instead of a big meal is beneficial in the long-term plan for the weight loss.

And don’t forget that you must keep rehydrating, water is the essential part of the day. As far as coffee and tea is concerned, we recommend drinking green tea not more than three times a day. It will help in improving the antioxidants level. Will reduce the muscle stress. Caffeine is not healthy for our body and avoiding it is a good idea.

Eating a Healthy Lunch:

After this little snack when it comes to lunch, it can be the biggest meal of the day. As you are working out in the evening, it is essential that you provide your body enough energy to recover and perform in the gym. Keep it simple with white meat or fish along with the small amount of tice and vegetable soup. All this will energize your body, and you may feel little sleepy, so standing up and stretching and short distance walking will help you get rid of that feeling.

Evening snack

If you are going to the gym then this meal is one of the most important meals of the day, try to boost the carbohydrate level to get the maximum energy via this meal. This should help you get the enough energy to help you perform without any fatigue. And while you are working out, keep a smoothie of whey protein and other substance with water, you can add few other things like berries and fruits to help you get the right taste.

Having a Complete Dinner That Helps with Good Night Sleep

Yes, it is essential that you do not eat extraordinarily spicy or acidic food for the dinner, it may aggravate the acidity and may cause uneasy feeling. Eat simple food, most preferably a home cooked meal that will reduce the calorie intake and is full of vitamins and minerals. Add protein and veggies; a salad is must with this meal along with the soup. Try to avoid the takeaway food and keep the ingredients simple and rotate them, so you don’t feel bored with the food.

What to do before going to bed?

First, make a plan that you must go to bed at this time, and before that stop using the cell phone or computer, if you want a good night sleep, then you must avoid keeping a cell phone to bed and keep the room darkened. Must brush before going to bed as well. There is no substitute for hygiene. Try to read a book or meditate before going to bed. It will help you feel calm and relaxed. You may be able to get a good night sleep.

Nigt Tips

After doing this, when you wake up in the morning and feel refreshed and energized when you are doing things the right way. Make sure you get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Keep this in mind, that this routine needs to be followed if you are expecting any results. It will boost your health and will help you get the fad body without much suffering. It is the easiest and the healthiest way to live and a healthy life. If you are having any trouble sleeping, you can add melatonin supplement to your diet. Don’t drink too much water just the right amount to avoid getting up at night.