Privacy Policy

We organized for our because it committed to the privacy of customer sharing information and data with us. We directly work for a person to person so that owner and buyers can connect with each other.

We are fully familiar with the product and customer requirements in everyday business.

We spread our service to you in various conditions like if you want to put any query of our product than enter your email address or contact number that would be hidden. We protect your given information with safety measured.

We request all our users to read the following privacy policy to understand how their personal & business information will be treated.

Collection of Information:

Every customer can visit our website for further query. During registration, we ask the users for their name, email address and contact number also so that we can directly contact her/him. This is our important process for getting all essential information of customers like ID Proof, address & contact detail, this information will be protected and do not publish in any condition.

Use of Personal & Business Information: primary goal in collecting personal and public information is to provide the user with a high experience on the network of sites.

We care owner need like if they demand free service that we use personal & business information to serve targeted advertisement through its websites and mailers. In addition, they can get all the information through receiving mail, calls or you can get SMS notification also.

Sharing of information:

 We work under the rule & regulation such as we will not disclose customer personal detail that shows their identification and they can believe us because we never share personal information without owner permission.

Safety of customer’s information:

Our duty is to secure customers personal detail under the safety measured. We have lots key system to protect your identity and therefore we always protect your whole data. We never misuse your personal password & account and never share with any other person.